Tuesday, February 28, 2012

On Wheels Again

Five days ago I finally changed out my outdoor wheels to my indoor wheels. The weather in the bay area had changed from rainy one week to sunny hot the next week, then repeat cycle. Had been like that for the past few months. Indoor skating would be the safest bet in my busy life where my free time don't start until 8 pm on average.

I hit up retro night at the skating rink. Truth be told, I was anxious. The last time I was on wheels was back in August, or even before. The drinking fountain broke, so it encouraged my broke ass not to skate as hard.

After 15 minutes I was already working up some aches and heat in my legs. After about an hour the rink turned on the lights and played Red Light Green Light. Just in time, because I was gimping on skates due to my right foot.

I've learned a few things from my skating session today:
1) There's not as much stress placed on my foot if I picked them off the floor instead of shuffling around.
2) I'm finally going to have to take care of my flat wide feet and go to REI for custom foot pads per Postal Servix's instruction.
3) Relax!