Friday, September 6, 2013

How I Know Roller Derby Is Consuming My Soul

1. Pretty much every weekend since August, every Saturday (and sometimes Sunday) has been spent officiating roller derby games far and wide. Longest I have traveled so far was 3.5 hours away with my carpool.

2. Attended my league's recreational roller derby league religiously (except once) even when my body was feeling like waste.

3. Explored new wheels via my teammates. I've learned lots more about the size of a person, skating style, and functions through wheels.

4. Researched new skates, even when I couldn't afford them. I have my eye on the Riedell She Devils... Am also researching bearings, how to clean them and what kinds to buy.

5. Dreamed in roller derby. The most recent dream I had was of running a marathon through a ghetto... racing against my teammates.

6. In charge of my team's monthly newsletter.

7. Volunteered for fundraising and PR events even though a volunteer such as myself is not required to volunteer more time outside of officiating.

8. Contrary to being an introvert, am getting out and conversing more with other skaters and officials. I want to live and breathe this world.

9. Attracted to clothing with vertical black and white stripes... someday I will be a referee before I become a skater.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Collision Coalition Tournament: My First Co-ed NSOing

My team and I carpooled together to spend the weekend up in Ukiah, CA, for the Collision Coalition Tournament. Another milestone in my budding career as an NSO was that I was selected to be one of the three crew heads! Amazing. I will be officiating a total of four games in one day. I snapped an awful photo of the NSO roster:

Yes, I also got to work the penalty box, which I hear can be quite interesting when roller derby men are involved. Thankfully I did not have to issue any serious warnings to anybody.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

How to make an Official's Job Fun

1. Have your skater number printed on your lower back. Unlike a tattoo, it will scrunch up and allows us to use our deducing skills to figure out what it says.

2. Wear jammer panties whose star shape is difficult to discern from a distance to delineate you as a jammer.

3. Pick font styles and sizes that are hard to read from a distance.

4. Have your number peel off your shirt.